The future of
prediction is here...

Big Mantic is the world’s most powerful AI for eCommerce/retail analytics and prediction. Unlock true potential for your business!

Key Features

Multi channel forecast

Get weekly forecast across channels and optimize your
inventory levels

RUN what-if scenarios

To see the impact of promos, price mark ups, price markdowns and recalibrate your campaigns

NEW product LAUNCH

Remove the guess work for new products with reliable forecasts for new products


increased forecast efficiency
1 %
Reduced transfer orders
1 %
Increased campaign performance
1 %

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"Big Mantic is enabling marketers to accelerate the use of AI in their Customer Value Management programs. Ready-built and proven data science models for demand forecast, customer segmentation, enhanced customer insights and to prioritize advertisement and promotional spends over favorable channels."
Thomas Smith
VP of eCommerce


Can it run for any webstore?

Yes, Big Mantic can connect to Big Commerce, Shopify, Magento, WordPress and even your custom webstore.

What if i don't have an It team?

Big Mantic was built to be used by business teams with minimal need of an elaborate IT footprint.

what data does it ingest?

It reads your webstore data, site data, paid campaign data, inventory data from ERP system and promotional/marketing calendar.

how long will it take for me to go live?

It typically takes 3 to 4 weeks to ingest all your data and Big Mantic to analyze and start predicting along with its forecasts and recommendations.

Do i have to install anything?

No, you don’t have to install any application, Big Mantic is a cloud based system where you have total control of your data.

What kind of support can i expect?

Big Mantic provides you 24×7 support. Email us, call us, slack us whatever you prefer. 


Big Mantic is a predictive analytics and forecasting platform for eCommerce and Retail industries. It integrates internal and external data points to provide you the insights you need to drive your business in this challenging environment.

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